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Welcome to Vierzehnheiligen!


The baroque pilgrimage basilica of Vierzehnheiligen was built by the famous architect Balthasar Neumann and has been renovated extensively only a few years ago. Ever since the 15th century, pilgrims have been coming to Vierzehnheiligen to seek for protection from the Fourteen Auxiliary Saints and to pray, as it is considered one of the most famous pilgrimage sites.

The "Place of Mercy Vierzehnheiligen". About 560 years ago a shepherd had an apparition in a meadow, which laid the foundation for one of Bavaria’s best-known pilgrimage churches. The basilica of Vierzehnheiligen itself - having being built in the 18th century - is also one of Bavaria’s most notable baroque buildings.

The pilgrim shrine Vierzehnheiligen is on route to Santiago. The Way of Saint James (Spanish: Camino de Santiago) refers to the pilgrimage to the tomb of the Apostle James. The tomb is located in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

On our homepage you can find out more about the significance of our church’s history, as well as pilgrimage dates. Furthermore we Franciscans report about the sanctuary, the Church and the famous building of Balthasar Neumann.


The Fourteen Auxiliary Saints

St. Achatius
St. Aegidius
St. Barbara
St. Blasius
St. Christopher
St. Cyriakus
St. Dionysius




St. Erasmus
St. Eustachius
St. George
St. Catherine
St. Margareta
St. Pantaleon
St. Vitus

Praying with one's Feet

The masses of pilgrims as well as individual pilgrims shape the image of this Franconian pilgrimage site. The basilica is counted amongst Germany’s most notable places of pilgrimage and boasts the highest number of pilgrims after Kevelaer and Altötting. The pilgrimage – having been declared dead by some a few years ago – has experienced a revival. The biblical experience of being on the road has become a new expression of faith, “praying with one’s feet” as young Christians call it. Not seldom, unchurched or people of another religion participate in the pilgrimage to the Fourteen Helpers - lived ecumenism, which accommodates the existential experience of humans being pilgrims on earth.


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